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Once more our company keeps on demonstrating its innovative strengths being this feature a mark of identity for us. Trusting in our company is trust in more than 40 years of experience that project us beyond to so many more years developing in innovation and quality.

Leaders in the Environment Award

Leaders in the Environment Award for Ataúdes Gallego

On November 12, 2015 Ataudes Gallego received this award that acknowledges its continued commitment to the environment...

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Ourense presume de calidad

Leaders in the Environment Award

Galician companies and institutions were awarded in Expourense for being "synonymous of quality". The "Leaders in Quality" awards were among others, Victor Gallego, manager of Ataudes Gallego, which received the award in the category of environment ...

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Líderes en Calidad

Expourense delivers the Quality Leadership Awards to companies from the four provinces

Artesanos de la Carne, the Axencia of Emerxencias 112, ICEACSA, Colegio Lar and Ataudes Gallego were the winners in this edition, in five different sectors ...

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Líderes en Calidade

Awards "Leaders in Quality"

The five award-winning companies explained how quality makes them the industry leaders, and sets you apart from the competition. Ataudes Gallego received the Leader Award for Quality in the Environment, in this "V delivery of the Leadership Awards in Quality" ...

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Líderes en exportacion

Interview with Lalo Arce: "We lead the Spanish casket sale outside"

The interview that the newspaper La Región made to Lalo Arce, export director of Ataudes Gallego, in which he talks about the internationalization process of this brand firm in Ourense ...

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Ataúdes para mascotas

Coffins for pets

The last goodbye to our faithful friend. Ataudes Gallego, in collaboration with Angel Martínez, pioneers in this type of pet coffins in Spain, offers caskets of excellent finishes in lacquered wood and a presentation of authentic luxury, as your pet deserves ....

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Ataúdes revestidos de pizarra

Slate-coated tapestries, the latest in funerary art

Slate-coated coffins are the ultimate in funerary art. Ataudes Gallego has launched the idea and development, that counts, among its products, with this series called "Stone" of coffins made in ...

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cork coffins

Ataudes Gallego presents its new caskets of cork

Within the line of ecological products, the signature orensana bets on a natural material, derived from the wood. Fruit of the decision of the prestigious firm of Piñor to manufacture products that respect the environment. They are one hundred percent ecological ...

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cork coffins

Ataudes Gallego presents in FUNERGAL its new cork coffins

Faithful to its innovative vocation, Coffins Gallego is the first company in the sector to manufacture and display a line of sarcophagi entirely finished with cork. They are ecological coffins one hundred percent; suitable for burial as for cremation…

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Leather coffins

Ourense manufactures superluxury coffins for Mexico, Colombia and Russia

Ourense has become in the last year one of the main producers of luxury coffins and caskets for an incipient demand of millionaires clients who resist to give up ostentation even in its last trip. The coffin…

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Video of the TVG on the seventh edition in Ourense de Funergal

Video of the Galician Television on the seventh edition of the Funeral Fair, where more than 82 international companies from the sector exhibit, and where innovation is the main novelty in the funerary world ...

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 Galician Funeral Homes

Galician funeral homes withstand the crisis with 600 companies

With the second highest mortality rate in Spain per inhabitant and more than 600 funeral companies scattered throughout the territory, the funeral sector in Galicia stands one more year in one of the few that resist the crisis with some relief ...

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Luxury burials

Ourense offers coffins of gold, silver, stones and artistic reliefs for luxury burials

People who want to be buried in the big, such as Tutankhamen or Alexander the Great, must come to Ourense. Funeral Home offers coffins of gold, silver and stone for wealthy people. Of course, burials must be intimate, very discreet ....

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Gold Coffin

Gold Coffin

The custom-built coffin for Russia, with a frameless design that has the approval of the client, was completely covered in gold paper and 24-karat gold ear-set. The interior is all made of blue velvet ...

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Ecological Coffins

Journalist's article Nacho Miras "In Memoriam"

A great friend and a great journalist, Nacho Miras published in La Voz de Galicia this interview with the founder of the Galician coffin factory in Piñor (Ourense), José Gallego González (Barran, 1942) ...

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