Controles de calidad


We have a rigorous quality control where all the parts making up the coffin/casket are reviewed in order to insure that they fulfill the desired requirements before moving on to the next phase until the ending.

We are equipped with specialized workers for productive tasks, while it is true that the company is operated by a skilled crowd of operators for the performance of them, emphasizing above all activities related to the safety of the worker, as well as customized courses of occupational risk prevention, thus maintaining an important intangible asset that allows us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. The high component of business stock which we work with normally involves a considerable amount of resources allocated to it.

In the same way, the use of the capacity installed is considered full, as the grade of specialization of the products object of negotiation. In this order of things, and to deal with requests from customers, the company has considered necessary to have an adequate level of storage that allows you to supply the finished product to the end customer. Distribution channels used by Ataudes Gallego are competent for the perfect state of preservation and arrival of the finishing points of sale.

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