Innovation in Coffins


Part of its success is due to the prominence given to innovations and latest trends in the sector, introducing a concept of work that is based on the permanent development of the design of its models, specialization and optimization, supported in the most advanced technology as are: advanced technological knowledge from the design and programming in 3 D, CAD / CAM, pantographs of 3 to 5 axes to control numerical computer, automatic switch gears, shapers, scrolls, sanders and cutting CNC that offer the more high grade of improvement in them different stages of the process of manufacturing, achieving thus a product of forms and designs own with an excellent termination in finished of high brightness satin, nature, eco, or matt.

We can indicate, therefore, that brand "Ataudes Gallego" has as a hallmark the constant innovation capacity, while maintaining the quality of the final product, as a competitive tool, both in regards to the different raw materials employed, as the transformation processes, offering greater adaptation to the needs and market trends, as well as the special treatment that honors its customers at all times.

Innovation Eco Nature Made in  Europa