Coffin manufacturing company


The company Ataúdes Gallego is incorporated in the town of Arenteiro, belonging to the municipality of Piñor, in the province of Ourense (Spain), focusing its activity on the manufacture and marketing of coffins.

Founded more than 40 years ago by José Gallego, it is recognized for its constant concern, in order to achieve leadership in the sector of manufacturing of funeral arches and the dignification of the funeral service, of the market in which they move, providing solidity and stability.

Progressively, there has been the incorporation of his sons Víctor, Eduardo and Manuel in positions of responsibility, focusing mainly on the areas of administration, design, programming and production.

Subsequently, a specific department of commercial management was created, with the incorporation to the company of Lalo Arce, initiating a clear stage of internationalization with the current presence in countries such as: Chile, Panama, Mexico, Portugal and Russia; With important presence in some of the best funeral companies of those countries; Being currently in the process of expansion in markets such as Peru and Colombia, and remaining in the African continent.

Since its creation, the company has set its objectives in innovation, in order to ensure that the manufactured coffins meet the highest demands in terms of design, quality and final finishing demanded by its customers. All this implies that the company is constantly involved in projects of innovation and quality improvement, which allow it to be flexible in adapting its manufacturing system.

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